Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When Autumn Comes... doesn't ask. It just walks in where it left you last, and you never know when it starts until there's fog inside the glass around your summer heart.

I don't have a particular subject for this post, so I'm not entirely sure where it's headed. I've been being very crafty lately, and by that I mean I've spent a majority of my paychecks on fabric and yarn and supplies. I feel that crafting is both retro and modern, and I really like the fact that it makes me buy less things made by kids who earn two cents an hour.

This year is unique in that Fall has sprung into action much swifter and sooner than I remember. September hit and all of a sudden I have a craving for pumpkin flavored things, I enjoy the color orange, and I compulsively take a sweater with me wherever I go. I think I've finally overcome my fear of Fall weather, though, what with the season previously being the indication that I'd soon be trapped in prison (public school) for the following nine months, five of those months containing horrible weather of all sorts.

Although I was really excited about this blog at first, I find that I don't have a lot to say, and I end up many times writing half of an entry and then doing something else I deem to be more productive. Right now, for example, I'm finding my diction awkward so I kind of want to go take a nap.

I started school last week. See, here's the problem now. I want to stop at that sentence because I know if I go on, I'll start talking about my classes, and then my jobs, and then it just won't end. So I'll keep it really simple. Four classes this quarter: politics and the novel, contemporary women's poetry, alternatives to experimental reasearch methods, and tests and measures. Lots of variation, so I have so far kept my interest. Three jobs right now: bank teller, dress presser, and secretary. I have no comment on any of them except that I keep very busy. And I'm also in the process of moving, which I simultaneously anticipate and dread.

I plan on sewing lots more stuff and making many Autumn-themed things, specifically cupcakes and purses. As you can see to your right, I've started adding stuff to my Etsy, but now that school has started, making things will be much more sparse. I think I'm going to go take that nap now.


BJU said...

Hello. Don't stop writing. I likes updates.

Toyin O. said...

nice post.